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Welcome To HABO Global Sanitary Wears

We are committed to making you clean and healthy from AM to PM

Our Products

Committed to making you clean from AM to PM, we offer you two unique brands to help you stay fresh and healthy

HABO Free and Soft Extra Wings Sanitary Pad

HABO Sanitary pad and panty-liners are designed to give women maximum comfort and protection. The pads have high fluid absorption capacity. The pack contains 8pcs of sanitary pads and 2pcs panty-liners.

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HABO Ultra Thin 0.1 Sanitary Pad(Day/Night)

HABO Sanitary Pad is a sanitary pad with 5 layers for leak proof protection to keep women dry all day / night during menstruation. It has an Anion strip for all round health enhancement. HABO sanitary pads are now available in Nigeria! Make a healthy choice today. Choose HABO Choose Health.

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HABO Ultra Thin 0.1 Sanitary Pad

HABO Sanitary Pad is a sanitary pad that not only meets the hygienic demands of women, but also provides additional benefits in the form of Anion enhancements. The enhanced embedded anion-chip within the sanitary pads inhibits reproduction of anaerobic bacteria,

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HABO Free and Soft (Family Pack)

HABO Free & Soft family pack cotton sanitary pad contains anion strip inside the cotton setting. This decreases the odds of gynecological diseases and the whole process is chemical free. The pack contains 25pcs of sanitary pads and 5pcs of panty-liners

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